10 benefits of Zumba

More and more people sign up to Zumba Fitness. Do you know what are its benefits? Like any physical activity, the benefits of Zumba are numerous, both physical and psychological. Let's see which are:

Benefits of Zumba

Zumba burns calories. Zumba fitness uses a type of aerobic training for intervals, which will yield a high calorie expenditure in your body.

Zumba is easy. The steps and choreographies of Zumba are easy, can be followed without problem. If you've never done any similar activity, have a little patience in your first class.

Zumba to lose weight. Combined with healthy eating habits, and practicing regularly, the Zumba helps to lose weight.

Zumba improves health. Practicing Zumba, or any exercise, you get big benefits for the health. Some of them are: have a respiratory system more efficient, less aches and pains, improving posture, muscles more firm and strong, decreases the anxiety, stronger joints, strengthens the cardiovascular system, decreases the risk of some diseases...

Zumba for exercise. At the same time that you're dancing, you're doing your fitness, almost without realizing it, you'll be doing high-intensity exercise, while having fun. In a Zumba class exercising the whole body: legs, arms, and buttocks, provides an excellent training of the center of the body (lower back and abdominals).

Zumba to eliminate stress. The high level of energy in a Zumba class, her choreography fun, and the atmosphere of the class will relieve stress.

More reasons to do Zumba...

In addition to the above, practicing Zumba, collectively, in a center, you will meet people. The environment of the case is always festive, and all over the world just to know each other. Zumba is for all ages, no matter what age you are, what's important is that you have fun and don't lose the motivation. The extreme ages have their own classes of Zumba special, these are Zumba Gold and Zumba Kids, each of them targeted at these stages of life.

10 benefits of practicing Zumba Fitness

Summing up the above, here is a list of 10 BENEFITS OF ZUMBA:

  • 1. Improving the health
  • 2. Burning calories
  • 3. Reduces the risk of some diseases
  • 5. It is suitable for all ages. This activity is beneficial for both young and older.
  • 5. Help you meet people
  • 6. It exercises the whole body
  • 7. Helps eliminate the stress
  • 8. Reduces anxiety
  • 9. Helps you to lose weight
  • 10. It is fun and easy. It stimulates the happiness hormone (serotonin, endorphin, dopamine).

Infographic: Zumba, 10 benefits

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Where do you do Zumba?

Each time there are more centers that offer this activity. Looking for a center to do Zumba in that there is an instructor officer (ZIN), to ensure the quality of the class. You can search for a center or Zumba instructor near your home at the official website.

  • Where do Zumba near my house

I want to practice Zumba at home

Where to buy the videos from Zumba to do at home? If you want to do it from home, you have the pack Zumba Exhilarate, with choreographies on DVD.

It also includes the Zumba Stick (small weights) to make the choreography with them, increasing the intensity and working the arms.

  • Buy Zumba DVD pack
  • Pack Zumba Join The Party 2

If you have the Nintendo Wii, you can also practice Zumba at home with her, here you have the link to buy the game Zumba for Wii.

Also you can get the game Zumba for Xbox 360 (with Kinect) and Xbox ONE.

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