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When you have an interest in keeping yourself fit and healthy, one of the best things you can do is build a career focusing on improving your fitness. This means that you earn money for staying fit and healthy, freeing up more time outside work. Finding one of these jobs relies on knowing the right jobs that keep you healthy. Read on to find out more about three fitness careers you can pursue to stay fit and healthy.

Fitness careers that keep you fit and healthy

The average worker in the UK spends 36 hours a week in work. Learn more about some of the careers that mean you use these 36 hours to improve your own fitness.


One of the careers requiring people at the peak of physical fitness is working as a lifeguard. There is a range of different competencies necessary for working as a lifeguard, including having a good understanding of First Aid, having a CPR certification and completing a range of different lifeguarding tests. This includes endurance swimming, towing casualties out of dangerous situations and lifting people out of pools and delivering poolside treatment. Keeping fitness in this role is essential, as lifeguards lose their jobs if they perform outside of safe times and metrics.

Personal trainer

Another position with a focus on remaining healthy and promoting good health in other people is that of a personal trainer. Before becoming a personal trainer, completing reps Level 3 training is an important part of the process. This demonstrates a high level of competence in the position and supports you in a range of tasks such as creating exercise plans for a client and designing diets. Remaining as healthy as possible is an underlying principle of working as a personal trainer. This impresses clients and indicates that you have a good idea of how to get fit and how to stay that way.

Fitness Instructor

The role of a fitness instructor ranges slightly differently from that of a personal trainer, as a fitness instructor teaches much larger classes. Fitness instructors show gymgoers how to complete a series of different exercises, which keeps employees healthy as they complete tiring exercises day after day. Becoming a fitness instructor requires a Level 2 diploma and fewer qualifications than a personal trainer due to the varying duties.

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