5 hygiene products to carry in your sports bag

We do sports, we sweat, we dry, we sweat in the second class, we go to the vesturario, we showered. If you like the gym, surely this story will be familiar. Choose the best personal hygiene products are other of the care that every athlete should have in your daily routine.

Hygiene products that can not miss in the sports bag

5 hygiene products to carry in your sports bag

The following list of products are a selection that can not be missing in any sports bag. Get the best products always in establecimentos where you can get natural cosmetics, as a non-pharmaceutical chemist's. If you are from the shower in the gym, as if you are one of those who prefer to do it at home with all the calm of the world.

Not only help us to keep the skin clean, if not also help us to have a healthy skin. Despite the fact that sweating is a positive because it helps us to release toxins from the body, the layer of salt that stops the sweating when it is dry, helps to dry and scab our skin. This is why it is important to choose a good shower gel, and a bodymilk that to hydrate the skin in depth, with the goal of keeping it hydrated and "fueled".

And in addition to show off a beautiful skin, not only is aesthetics. If we take care of the skin will be healthier and free from other disturbances and pathologies of the skin, such as acne, dermatitis, atopic skin, pimples sebaceous... A healthy skin is always more beautiful.

What to wear in the sports bag?

Not counting the clothes, the shoes, the materials or equipment that you need for the different classes, in your headphones to listen to music while you run on the elliptical... or what you wear. If you shower in the studio you should also bring the following selection of products of corporal hygiene.

Well, if you shower at home... no need to take them to the gym, but you should also have this selection, of products at home, waiting for you when you arrive in the gym, perform your routines.

1. Bath Gel

But not just any gel. At the end of training, the pores of our skin are open, so more convenient is that the gel is soft. If, in addition, it is moisturizing, such as olive oil or sweet almond oil, the better. Always choose the gel that suits your skin type.

5 hygiene products to carry in your sports bag

2. Moisturizing cream or nourishing for after the shower

Feeding the skin is important. Like the gels, moisturizers or nourishing for the body should be chosen according to the type of skin. If the skin is dry or oily, you must choose properly the best body milk, cream or body oil. The brand Weleda, has a cream that I personally love, it's called skin food nourishing cream. Spectacular.

3. Deodorant

The deodorants are essential to keep body odors at bay. Choose one that is least aggressive possible, to be able to be free of aluminum and alcohol. You can also opt for other options that are more natural, as the mineral of alum.

To part of the area of the armpits, there are also special deodorants for feet, ranging from luxury to eliminate the bad smell of the perspiration of the foot.

4. Scrub

When you do sport, our body releases toxins through the sweating. The pores of the skin must be clean to be able to expel all the amount of toxins accumulated. Once a week, use a body scrub to remove any traces of dead skin and keep your skin looking more beautiful than ever.

5. Cream for heels and feet

5 hygiene products to carry in your sports bag

The feet are an area that is characterized by being prone to corns. It is important to keep the skin of the feet exfoliated, but also moisturized and cared for. To do this, there are specific creams to pamper our feet and keep them as soft as the rest of our skin.

Do you think that you are missing any product in our gym bag? What would you wear? You look forward to in the comments.