Accessories to get around by bike

The amount of add-ons or accessories that we can add to our bike are almost infinite. Some of the most common are the seats to take the kids for a walk and enjoy with the family, or the saddlebags, which allow us to carry objects. The saddlebags, for example, give us so much freedom to move around town using the bike as means of transport. In them we can carry what we need in order to go to class or to work.

Riding a bike as a healthy habit

One of the best ways of getting around rapid city is the bicycle. We currently have in the cities with bike lanes that enable us to move safely on a bicycle by population.

Include transportation with bike to our everyday life is beneficial for our health, but also what is to prevent the excessive pollution in our cities.

Health benefits of riding a bike

Out to shoot on a bike is a healthy habit that everyone should try. Some of the health benefits that the use of the bicycle may include the following:

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Increases cardiovascular health
  3. It improves physical endurance
  4. Speeds up the metabolism
  5. Tones the muscles of the legs
  6. Help to lose weight
  7. It improves the circulation of the blood
  8. Increases strength in the lower back area

Saddlebags, chairs... the best accessories to get around by bike for city

If there is an accessory for a bicycle especially useful, are the saddlebags. The bags allow us to transport objects. Its placement is easy, under the saddle, and fall to the side of the rear wheels. Are the accessory most versatile of all, being used by cyclists of all types, whether they are cyclists or urban routes by nature. They can be placed on any bike, as for example the FOX or BH.

Chairs for baby

To share a route quiet cycling with your baby is something that any cyclist who has been a parent will love. In addition, it is a way for children to make their first contacts with the outputs to roll in a bike. The chairs portabebes are a great option to take the smaller route either by city or by nature.

These saddles can be placed on bikes of any brand, whether Orbea, Scott, or BH. The majority of seats to transport the children and their enjoyment of the bike in the family are placed behind the saddle. The child is sitting on the rear wheel. It is a very safe way to carry the smaller ones.

Bars drag

When your baby grows you will want to continue to share the love of cycling with them. Bars drag are the ideal complement when the child is no longer a baby, but neither is old enough to carry one bicycle only.

The best way for you is by using the snap of the bar of drag. This plugin will convert two bikes (bike aldulto + child bike) on a tandem. With this accessory it is easy to get around by bike. The front wheel of the bicycle trailer is suspended in the air or you can also removed.

Assumes a very safe way to continue moving in bike for city or trails with your children. Like the other accessories, the bars drag can be placed on bikes of any brand, as Orbea or Scott.