Alternative to Zumba

The training program Zumba Fitness is today the most famous of the workouts of dancing in both gymnasiums, as to do it at home. If you're looking for something different, here's a list of other activities alternative to Zumba.

Other alternatives of activities that are not Zumba

Although Zumba we love, if you arrived here is because you are looking for other activities of the style, but that are not Zumba. We suggest some other alternative activities Zumba. We have divided these activities into two, depending on the type of music, Latin and non-Latin.

The success of this type of class (either Zumba or not) is based on the atmosphere fun and “festive” class. A place where the participants will go well, and having fun, forgetting in many cases that you are doing the exercise. These activities, combined with a healthy diet, we will help you to lose weight without bounce.

Alternatives to Zumba with Latin music

If you're looking for an alternative to Zumba, but you gustal music and Latin rhythms, here are some ideas of activities with Latin music that you can practise:

  • Salsation
  • Latin Fit
  • Batuka


Salsation is another activity of dance. Your name, Salsation, comes from the word "salsa" as a mixture, and SENSATIONS (feelings in Spanish). Therefore, Salsation is the mixture or "salsa rhythm", cultures and types of dance.

Latin Fit

Latin Fit is a new fitness program, music and dance, through a mix of Latin rhythms and aerobic exercise. In Latin Fit, like Zumba Fitness, are looking to the goal of losing weight in a fun way.

This new discipline fitness comes from the hand of the Spanish channel Tele5. The choreography of the first season are designed by two great professionals of the dance: Marbelys Zamora and Vicky Gómez. These choreographies will also be presented in different levels, so everyone can practice and have fun.

We can see the singer and dancer Krisha, in addition, the music selection comes from the hand of Juan Magan.

I Want Latin Fit


For a few years in Spain, we were able to enjoy the fitness program Batuka, created by the brothers Jose and Jessica Expósito (currently, ZES at Zumba). In this activity, you danced choreographies preset, Latin style, in their majority, and they could buy it on DVD to do at home, besides being taught in gyms.

Currently it is difficult to get the DVD's, but you can find some videos of choreographies on YouTube.

Music and DVD Batuka

Alternatives to Zumba with the music is not Latin

What is more likely is that if you are looking for alternatives to Zumba because of the Latin music you don't like it, or not filled at all or because you hate the reggaeton. Here you have other ideas of dance activities that you can practice, where the music is not Latin.

  • Booiaka
  • Dance
  • Aerobics
  • Step


What is Booiaka? It is a dancing activity, in which are mixed different disciplines for the session, and it is danced without stop. The intensity of the choreography of Booiaka is high.

The objective of the activity is to work the legs and buttocks. As an alternative to Zumba, we have to highlight that one of the differences in the shape of the class is that it is not dance choreographies of songs, if not you dance a choreography, which is gaining intensity as it progresses the class, and are added to the steps and progressions in the choreography, similar to aerobics.


Dance, or aerodance, is a kind of dance of high intensity, in which we follow a choreography for songs (as in Zumba).

You also can see all kinds of dance-like aerobics or Booiaka, with a choreography by progresiónes on a musical basis, depending on the instructor. In a kind of dance, you can dance to themes of different musical styles, dance music (dance), music of the decades of the 80's or 90's, techno, funky, house, hip hop or even Latin, but not so many Latin songs like you would dance in Zumba.

DVD Dance Fitness


The aerobics is one of the great classics among the activities targeted in gyms. This activity has been evolving over the years, and has become in many cases an activity fairly danced.

On a musical basis (a music session continuous), is danced to a choreography, that is going to complicate gradually, adding steps, to complete the choreography. The speed of the music is progressive, so that the intensity and speed of the movements throughout the class are on the increase.

DVD Aerobic – dance


Like aerobics, the Step aerobics is one of the most well-known. Unlike the others, in this activity we use a Step, a platform of 15 cm height on, on which you can dance choreography, rising, falling, turning...

We can do a wide variety of steps, which are chained to the music, using "blocks", which eventually form a choreography full. The music is continuous, and usually their speed is progressive.

Link: see infographic on the Step.

If the reason for search for activities, alternatives to the Zumba are the times, and the incompatibility of these to get to class, you can always do Zumba at home with DVDS and video games official Zumba Fitness. You can also search for schedules and classes near you on the official website,

Link: see benefits of Zumba.