As being an instructor of Zumba

Every day there are more people who come regularly to Zumba classes. If you really like this activity, perhaps you've wondered how to be an instructor of Zumba, that is to say, what steps to follow in order to be an instructor officer and be able to teach Zumba classes. We teach the steps, the advantages, and more things about becoming a Zumba instructor.

How to become Zumba instructor

como ser instructora zumba

Become an instructor / instructor of Zumba is easy, just enroll to the course. To do this, follow these simple steps. Here we will show you how to be an instructor of Zumba:

  1. Enter the official website:
  2. Look for a training or training-of-trainers of Zumba (provided on the official website)
  3. Choose the city where you want to do the course of Zumba
  4. To enroll in the course
  5. Follow the instructions that will arrive via email once enrolled in the course

Instructor official Zumba

Zumba is a great family and becoming a Zumba instructor is a form of belonging still more to this large family. If you want to know how to be an instructor of Zumba, read on:

The course of Zumba

To be an instructor of Zumba, it is necessary to do the proper training. To be a teacher of Zumba, you must complete the training course. The first course is the Zumba Basic 1, an intensive training that lasts a full weekend, in which will be taught both theory (manual of Zumba), as a practice.

hacer el curso de formación de zumba

After finishing the training course, the person is already an instructor of Zumba, and you can both teach, as use the name of the brand, Zumba, the class schedules in the gym or center where you will be training that class.

Requirements for the course

There are No specific requirements to become a Zumba instructor. Anyone in the mood to dance and of work, giving classes may be formed as an instructor. Therefore, the only requirement is:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Minors under the age of 18 years must submit the Form of Responsibility in the Training of Trainers signed by their parents.

Does it require any certification to work giving Zumba classes? Depends on the gym. Some centers or gyms require their workers to the qualification of activities aimed, in addition to the title of Zumba instructor or ZIN license in effect.

Where do the course of Zumba

Currently out formations all over the world. In Spain, we can perform the course in multiple locations. If you don't know how to be an instructor of Zumba, the first thing you should do is to find a location near you where to do the training of trainers course.

To find a training course for trainers Zumba, please visit the following page: This information is updated frequently, so if you don't find now a training near your city, you may end up leaving.

To get the training, the first step is to complete the Basic training 1. This course prepares the future instructor with all the necessary information and all the resources to create classes of Zumba. We will learn the four basic rhythms of a class of Zumba: merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton.

Included in the course materials (manual, choreography, certificate, etc.), and licensed to teach Zumba for 6 months. Past that period, to be able to continue giving classes of Zumba in a legal manner it is necessary to join the program instructor official ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network). The program ZINE is really worth, offers license to give classes, materials, choreography, discount on clothing, Zumba Wear, access to the application ZinPlay, among many other benefits.

The program ZIN

The program ZIN (Zumba Instructor Members) is the network of Zumba instructors official. To access the program ZIN you need to have the training course for trainers Basic 1), and in addition to have to the day the monthly payment of the membership fee ZIN.

como ser zin

Can you be a Zumba instructor without pay for ZIN? If. After completing the course, you will have a license to teach Zumba classes for six months. After that period, you must begin to pay for the membership ZIN or re-do the training course. Also you can join the program ZINE fair at the end of the course (recommended), to begin to enjoy the benefits of the program.

Benefits of the program ZIN

Membership in the program ZIN is a paid service, but offers multiple advantages for all its members. ZIN members have privileges, such as access to exclusive music and choreography, new each month, between other advantages are listed below:

  • Receive material for the classes, such as music and videos.
  • Having a profile in the official website, or a custom web page, in, where to hang photos, schedules...
  • The profile ZIN includes contact forms, using web form, or post the phone, so that you can contact to work as an instructor.
  • Access to ZIN Now, the online platform for getting music and choreography exclusive to ZIN
  • Discount on Zumba Wear. (exclusive discount for ZIN members in clothing and accessories for Zumba, in the online shop)
  • Access to specialised training Zumba (Strong by Zumba, Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, Zumba kids, AquaZumba...)
  • Marketing Material-exclusive, available to promote your classes and getting a job: posters, flyers, images for social media, logos,...
  • Access to the application ZIN Play, in which you'll find all the choreography from Zin Now, plus tools for creating your Playlist for case.

ZIN Play, the unique application for trainers official Zumba

zumba como ser zin Recently has been released the application ZIN Play, an app that can be downloaded free of charge for iPhone and Android. However, although it is a download application that is free of charge, but you can only use it if you have a username and password ZIN, that is to say, if you are an instructor and official ZIN member.

In the application you will be able to find everything you need for your classroom, music, videos... Everything organized for your classes. You can download it here: Zin Play in Google Play.

Personally, as an instructor of Zumba and ZIN member, I got the application in as soon as I got the email where I reported was already available in Google Play. It is a wonder to have all my content ZIN in the palm of the hand, now I can review and learn the choreography of the official songs (both the volumes ZIN, megamixes, or the bonus korea) at any time.

Be instructor official Zumba

Be instructor official Zumba ensures classes of quality. There are schools and instructors that teach the classes without the proper training. If you are looking for a center or gym where you attend Zumba classes, it is convenient to inquire about the person who imparts it to make sure you're pointing to a site where they do Zumba quality.

dar clases de zumba

Work giving Zumba classes

The course instructor of Zumba is to have a job. There is a growing demand for monitors of Zumba even in less populated areas.

Party Crashers, or trainers illegal Zumba

party crashers zumba

Even though every day there are more and more instructors that join the family Zumba, there are still Party Crashers, or trainers illegal Zumba. These people use the brand Zumba to teach without having received any training.