As caring for the hair afterés of train

Have you ever wondered which is the best way of caring for hair after working out? The sweat, the washings ongoing, and other factors such as the chlorine in swimming pools, sea salt, sun, wind or cold can damage our hair.

Both who trains in the open air, like one who does it indoors (or both, hehe), we all have something in common, very frequent washing of hair to remove the sweat from the hair after sport.

What are the best shampoos to wash my hair after sports? Today we will talk about what products are best for taking care of our hair after you leave the gym.

The best shampoos for taking care of the hair after training

How to dry hair or fatty? Here you have two options, two different types of shampoo with which to wash your hair after sweating in the gym.

Shampoo without salt

The main feature of the shampoo without salt is that this product cleans the hair without having any effect on the PH, providing also a good hydration, so it is a product very indicated for hair delicate, such as dry, dyed, etc... There are many brands of shampoo without salt in the market, here you can find more information on shampoo without salt.

The shampoo without salt is a great option to use after the workouts, since it is less aggressive with the hair that other shampoos conventional. The sweat dries out the hair and this type of product helps the hair to regain moisture, restoring hair. The hairs delicate, as those subjected to straightening, hair coloring, hair dry, damaged or dehydrated are restoring after the continued use of shampoo without salt.

Let's not forget that the shampoo without salts does not alter the PH of the scalp, making it an ideal product for frequent handwashing that demand any sports practice.


  1. The dye lasts longer. To be products without salt, and the dyes last longer without losing color.
  2. Less frizz. Hair more idratado, less frizz (frizz).
  3. Scalp less irritated.
  4. Revitalizes the hair. Hair very damaged, it is best to use a shampoo without salts, and with keratin.
  5. Greater hydration of the hair.

Shampoo antiresiduos

The shampoo antiresiduos is a product for cleaning the hair which is characterized by a cleaning very deep. This product is used for hair subjected to straightening treatments and keratin.

Unlike the shampoo without salts, the shampoo antiresiduos is not as beneficial for dry hair, or coloured, or, if not that is best for greasy hair. Learn here about the shampoo antiresiduos.


  1. Deep cleaning of the hair. Perfect for after training.
  2. Prepares the hair for other treatments, such as dermaplaning.
  3. Removes the sebum of oily hair*

*In case of dry hair, there have to be some moderation with this product, it is best to use it only once in a while.

Why it is important to remove the sweat from the hair after a workout

Why is it so important to remove the sweat from the hair? When we train, especially if it's hot and we do cardio, the hair may be wet with sweat, and much. The sweat dries and apparently just looks a little more dirty hair, but What really makes the sweat and why it is important to remove it? Sweat contains salts and acids that depending on the person can be more or less strong.

These acids and salts present in the sweat, are harmful to the health of the hair, as it becomes more dry. And beyond, you can also cause damage to the hair follicle. Bring the hair up to the time to train, especially if you have long, it is a good way to avoid the heat and therefore the excess sweating. The hair will get wet less.