Benefits of apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is a remedy with a lot of benefits. It is made from the fermentation of sugars and the apple or the apple cider. This fermentation converts malic acid or acetic acid. This vinegar is less acidic than wine vinegar. In addition, it has a characteristic aroma, due to the malic acid. Due precisely to this acid, it is not advisable to drink apple cider vinegar directly, as this could damage the enamel of the teeth.

It is used as a remedy for cough, sore throat, hypertension or bites, among others. Then we will see a detailed listing of the benefits of this wonderful liquid.

Benefits, properties and uses

The list of benefits, properties and uses of this vinegar is long. Vinegar from apple cider is used in amount of home remedies (and if it is organic vinegar, the better), as remedies for the cough, cough, stress, sore throat, migraine headaches or even hot flashes caused by menopause. But the uses of apple cider vinegar are not limited only to remedies, if there even is used for beauty, as for example to give brilo to the hair and remove excess fat in the hair.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

  1. It is digestive. The apple cider vinegar regulates the acids of the stomach, and eliminate some types of bacteria. It is also beneficial to create enzymes.
  2. Facilitates the metabolism of sugars.
  3. It is a diuretic.
  4. Improves the health of the lymphatic system.
  5. Regulates the intestinal flora. Because of this, this vinegar is used as a remedy for constipation.
  6. Detoxifies the liver, helping to metabolize fats better for the body.
  7. Stabilizes the acidity levels of the body.
  8. Alkalise the PH of the blood, favoring the elimination of liquids.
  9. Helps you to lose weight, thanks to its satiating effect.
  10. As a remedy for hot flashes caused by menopause.
  11. Promotes the removal of fat, as it eliminates the excess of fat in the cells.
  12. Regulates the blood pressure.
  13. Remedy for bad breath.
  14. It dissolves deposits of calcium in the body.
  15. Improves the condition of the mucous membranes, such as the eye, due to its content of vitamin A.
  16. Relieves the migraine.
  17. It is used as a remedy to remove the fungus from the feet.
  18. It is an excellent remedy for sore throat.
  19. It is used to give shine to the hair.
  20. Reduces the level of triglycerides.
  21. Improvement the eczema the skin.
  22. It is used as a remedy for sunburn.
  23. Remedy for bites and stings.

One of the properties of the apple cider vinegar most well-known is the of fat. This vinegar has the power to "eat the fat", so it is used for weight loss. In addition to removing fat, this cider vinegar is valued when you want to lose weight because of its diuretic properties.

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Weight loss is the goal of many, and the apple cider vinegar can help you to achieve it. But does it Really work? Here's how.

Is it good to take apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach? If.

After an overnight fast (about 8 hours), you can take a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. The main goal is to detoxify the body. This cleans the colon and the intestine. Thanks to this, the body is more purified and toxin-free, and in this way improves the digestion. The absorption of the nutrients is improved through the water with apple cider vinegar. If you want to know more, in this post mejorconsalud you can see all the benefits of water with apple cider vinegar.

This vinegar is known to promote decrease of weight. Its use, along with a balanced diet and good exercise routines. This vinegar helps to speed up the metabolism and burn fat, thanks to its content in vitamin B6.

How to take apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before lunch and dinner for a week. After a few days of rest, return to perform. Do not be in a hurry, and not to exceed the dose, as they ingest it in large amount may have problems.

Have you tested the water with apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach? Have you been able to lose the weight thanks to it? We look forward to your comments.


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