Benefits of squash

The Squash is a racquet sport, considered one of the most complete sports. It is ideal for burning calories, as well as to improve the strength, increase cardiopulmonary capacity, to work the muscles, increase reflexes and coordination, among others. Do you want to know what are its benefits? Continue reading.

What is Squash?

que es squash

But, What is Squash? The Squash is a racquet sport, originating in England. This sport is played in an interior hall or squash court, as for the game it is necessary to use the walls to make rebounds. For practicing Squash, the players use rackets and a small rubber ball whose consistency can vary depending on the needs of the party or of the players. On the website you can see a definition more extensive about what is the Squash.

The game consists in hitting the ball with racquets, making them bounce off the front wall. When you hit the ball, this has to touch the front or front wall. You can touch all the walls with the ball repeatedly, but the ball can only bounce on the floor once. You can play parties of two or four people.

Benefits of Squash

Increase endurance, release endorphins, improve your flexibility, reflexes, coordination... The Squash is a sport that is loaded with great benefits. This sport is a sure bet for the health and the increase in the physical form. Did you know that it is considered one of the best sports to improve endurance?

beneficios del squash

  1. Increasing the cardiopulmonary capacity
  2. Increases resistance
  3. Strengthens the muscles of both the bottom rail, top rail, as the core
  4. Develops the flexibiliad
  5. Increases the reflexes
  6. Burning calories
  7. Increases coordination
  8. Increases the mental capacity to make quick decisions
  9. Helps eliminate the stress
  10. Promotes social relationships

All of these reasons to play, I have to add that it is a fun sport. You can play exciting matches or championships of squash, and you can also spend an afternoon training with some friends or having a friendly match.

Squash for weight loss

When we talk about exercising to lose weight, we all think of automatically going out to do running, bike, get in the gym, to spinning classes, aerobics, Zumba, or running on the elliptical.

No one believes a priori in the racquet sports like Squash or padel. Keep in mind, that for an hour playing Squash can burn up to 800 calories, almost double the calories burned in some of the other activities.


Squash for health

And is that in addition, among the benefits of Squash is important to highlight the work that is performed on the muscles of the back. The effort required to play a game of Squash, markedly helps to tone the muscles of the back, which helps to prevent aches and pains and pathologies of the rachis.

Of course, even in the sport of Squash is to work the muscles of the back considerably, do not forget that the part that works is the bottom rail. The musculature of the legs is the most note the practice of this sport.

Squash and other sports

Playing Squash is all very well, but let's not forget to combine it with other sports to avoid possible injury. Cardiovascular training is excellent as a warm-up before playing a game of Squash. In this way, we will ensure that our system of muscular and fascial are in the best position to play the game with the level of demand that has this sport. Do not forget that the Squash is a sport that requires a certain physical preparation.

It is important to perform a proper warm-up at the start, and stretching at the end


In addition to a proper warm-up, it is important to hydrate during practice as well as taking a little break from time to time. At the end of the party, it is advisable to conduct a return to calm. Some stretching adequate to prevent problems such as contraction of certain muscles. At this point you can take some exercises disciplines such as Yoga or Pilates.

And you have you ever played Squash? How was it? Perhaps we have forgotten to mention any benefit of this sport, you look forward to in the comments section.