Chinese balls, all you need to know

The chinese balls, Kegel Geisha or Ben Wa, have become the object star to strengthen the pelvic floor. Many are its benefits to the woman. Menopause, sports impact or stress, pregnancy and childbirth, obesity,... are causes of weakening of the pelvic oor muscles. The use of chinese balls, helps us to work these muscles and prevent further problems. It is for this reason that every time are more and more gynecologists who recommend the use of balls and performing Kegel exercises.

How are you? The balls or chinese balls geisha (ben wa) the two spheres are united. These areas are used as weight to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor of the woman using the passive gymnastics. Each one of these spheres or balls, contained within one small, which works as a weight. A sphere contains the other so that this can move and produce a small vibration.

To serve the chinese balls

Known as balls, kegel, chinese balls, or Ben Wa, have their origin in Japan. These balls are manufactured from materials such as medical grade silicone, and are two balls attached by a string. This twine is made of the same material as that of the own balls, as the medical silicone is one of the safer materials, as it is not porous (does not catch bacteria).

What are they made of? Each of these balls medical silicone, in turn contains another smaller and heavier, made of metal. The reason a ball contains to another is no more that make the small vibrate inside of the big one with the movements. This movement is the key, because it produces the muscles of the pelvic floor to work involuntarily.

Use of the balls

This device strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor. Industry experts sexological, gynecological and physical therapist recommend their use to women who have just given birth in order that the pelvic oor muscles regain their pre-pregnancy. It is also recommended for women suffering from urinary incontinence or prolapse, or for those women who want to learn the bleeding-free or menstruation aware (free bleeding), a form of menstrual periods without diapers.

As work

With the movement of the ball internal, is achieved receptor activation of movement of the pelvic oor muscles, this activation involves a muscle activation to be able to aguantarlas without falling.

The use of chinese balls, canImprove the sex?

If. While the aim is therapeutic, that is to say, the work and toning of the pelvic floor muscles, when these are toned, the sex will improve. In addition to having more muscle tone in the area, it also increases the ability to move and contract these muscles during sex.


What benefits have the balls chinese? Among the causes of the weakening of the pelvic floor of the woman is to menopause, age, birth, or some infections, such as infections of urine frequent. One of the ways to avoid this weakening is through the use of chinese balls. The balls are the way to work this muscles in a natural way, for achieving a better toning of these muscles. These are the benefits of chinese balls:

  • Improve the tone of the pelvic floor
  • Strengthens the vagina
  • Increases and improves lubrication
  • Prevents and improves urinary incontinence
  • Improves sexual relations
  • Increases the orgasm
  • Improves blood circulation in the area
  • Greater control of the vaginal muscles
  • Increase of sexual desire during menopause
  • It improves the quality of orgasms, being more long and intense

Due to all these benefits, more and more gynecologists and physical therapists who recommend the use of chinese balls in the woman. As a contraindication, women who suffer from hypertonia of the pelvic floor is not convenient to use chinese balls for exercising the muscles, if not that should relax them.

How to use the chinese balls

The balls are introduced into the vagina, usually with the help of a lubricant. The lubricant must be water-based. To achieve a greater work of the pelvic oor muscles, you should remain upright, as the upright posture is the most appropriate one for the balls to do resistance with the gravity, pulling it down. This is where the pelvic muscles must hold, and where, thanks to the involuntary contraction of muscles, it produces the passive gymnastics.

The choice of the balls will depend in this case of what they are going to use. The gynecologist can give you guidance about which are the proper weights to begin with, depending on each person. The weights of the balls vary in function of the intensity of the exercise.

There are different sizes and weights. The best chinese balls to begin or when the tone of the pelvic floor is low, are those of a larger size and less weight, because this way you will have less risk of dropping out. As the muscles is going to strengthen, the balls may be replaced by other smaller and heavy, appropriate to a more advanced level. In terms of time, this may vary from less to more, also depending on the tone.

In addition, in the market we currently find packs of chinese balls that include different weights and sizes, and also found a single ball or two.

Alternatives to chinese balls

If you do not have just to convince the balls, there are other alternatives such as the balls vibrating or vaginal cones to strengthen the pelvic floor. In addition, for those who do not want to introduce balls or cones in the vagina, there are other methods, such as, for example, the hypopressive abdominal gymnastics. The method may also be beneficial to work the tonicity of the pelvic diaphragm.

Balls that vibrate

The chinese balls vibrating are a novelty within what are the balls of classic pelvic floor. Some advanced models utilize the vibration of the balls to mark the rhythm of the exercises. The only problem is in this case the excess of muscle tone or hypertonia worse, in which case it would have to be careful with the vibration.

Vaginal cones

In addition to the classic balls, or balls that vibrate, there is another system to strengthen the pelvic oor muscles. These are vaginal cones. The vaginal cones, like the balls, are introduced into the vagina. Usually sold in packs with different weights. This is one option to consider as an alternative the chinese balls.

Weights for Kegel exercises

Recently I have begun to see a kind of mix between the vaginal cones and the balls. Deal with some weights that are sold as "balls Kegel". These weights are presented in packs of 3 or 5 units. Each of the weights corresponds to a level: the higher the level, the greater the weight.


Chinese balls and urinary incontinence

Currently, many women suffer from urinary incontinence when coughing, sneezing or laughing. It is the fault of the incontinence to the age, but in reality it is, in many cases, the lack of muscle tone in the pelvic floor. Incontinence problems are one of the therapeutic uses of the balls and weights vaginal.

Some sports that require a lot of effort can compromenter the pelvic floor of the sportsman, and cause what is called urinary incontinence by effort. Among the sports that damage the pelvic floor of the woman we found weightlifting, in which there is a large increase in intra-abdominal pressure at the time of the effort.