Increase muscle mass with calisthenics

Is it possible to increase muscle mass through the practice of calisthenics? The calisthenics is the sport discipline that is increasingly out of fashion. This discipline is based on exercises performed with your own body weight. This training system focuses on the large muscle groups of the body.

What is calisthenics?

Increase muscle mass with calisthenics

The calisthenics, as we have said, is the discipline or training system whose exercises are based on the use of the weight of their own body. The word calisthenics comes from the Greek, and it means beauty and strength (kallos – sthenos). The name is due to that the callisthenics seeking strength through the beauty of the exercise. Click on this link to see more information about calisthenics.

Types of exercises of calisthenics

In the repertoire of exercises alistenia we can find two types: basic and advanced. The basic exercises of calisthenics exercises are common, the objective of which is to obtain the force. However, the advanced exercises of calisthenics, in turn, are divided into two subtypes: static and dynamic. To see exercises of these types, you can take a look at which are the best routines for levels of calisthenics.

Increase muscle mass with calisthenics

The static exercises of calisthenics are exercises which consist of holding a position (like isometric exercise). On the other hand, the ejerciios dynamic are those exercises of calisthenics that are done in motion. These exercises, in addition to seek the strength, also seek the agility and reflexes.

The practice of calitenia has a great added benefit. This advantage is that if you know the technique, you'll be able to train in any place and any time, as it does not require specific material more than the body itself.

Objectives of the calisthenics

If you stop to think about the objectives, the calisthenics look for three, and these are:

  • Force
  • Agility
  • Flexibility

The exercises are looking for a great muscle contraction and in turn to a correct alignment, to improve the physical. Among the objectives of the calisthenics is not to win volume, but Is it really possible? The answer is yes.

Win volume through calisthenics

Increase muscle mass with calisthenics

Do you already know how to gain muscle mass with calisthenics? Contrary to what many think, you can get to increase the body volume without the use of weights. Are not required large weights, and weights to gain muscle. Muscle building is possible with calisthenics, although more complicated.

Training to increase your muscle mass with weights is simple, you need to add more and more weight, progressively, to get hipertrofiar. With calisthenics is somewhat more complicated, because we do not use weights. The way to gain muscle mass is by using the aid and assistance of coaches specialized in calisthenics.

Advantages of calisthenics if you want to increase muscle

So... What is the advantage? If we take into account that you gain muscle with calisthenics is more complicated than with weights, and that in addition we require a expert advice, a priori all seem to be cons. But its advantages are greater. The main advantage is that through the training of the calisthenics we will have an increase of muscle natural. The increase of muscle natural is the one that your genetics allows you to. You're not going to hipertrofiar more than what your genetic you support.

The other big advantage is that the risk of injury is much lower. Why? It's really simple, because in case of doing it wrong, with the auto-load you're going to do less damage with ballasts and weights huge.

The increase, therefore, not being able to add weights, occurs thanks to the increase in volume of training.