Perfect eyebrows: Micropigmentaci’n and Microblading

The eyebrows are one of the most important elements in the face of a woman. Eyebrows nice and bushy give the face a unique expression. The loss of this element is one of the grounds of the complex are more frequent in women.

The causes of loss of eyebrows can be varied: stress, the passing of the years, or treatments such as chemotherapy can bring down the hair on the eyebrows. But all is not lost, thanks to the techniques of micropigmentation, any woman who has lost eyebrows may regain his speech and return to feel beautiful.

What is micropigmentation of eyebrows?

Perfect eyebrows: Micropigmentaci’n and Microblading

Micropigmentation or microblading is a makeup technique permantente, used to disguise the total lack or partial hair on the eyebrows, in a natural way. This beauty treatment has a duration of between six months and a year, depending on the skin on which it is applied. At stores such as your micropigmentation, you can find the best materials micropigmentation for professionals.

The beauty treatment consists in depositing a pigment on the skin thanks to a feather or special needle, to perform voltage on which to apply the pigment. This pigment is applied "hair to hair", that is to say, that is drawn manually each and every one of the hairs that are going to compose the brow, to get a result is ultra-natural.

The result the first weeks is darker than expected, but it is part of the healing process of the same. Past four weeks, the eyebrows are their final color and the result is spectacular.

Immediately after treatment, the eyebrows will appear darker than expected, but will fade away with the healing process during the following 4 weeks.

There are many celebrities who have flocked to beauty salons to be made treatments of microblading or micropigmentation. But the technique of micropigmentation is not something only within the reach of the famous, if not that any woman can undergo this technique to recover your facial expression.

What materials are needed to make microblading?

Perfect eyebrows: Micropigmentaci’n and Microblading

The most important thing is that for a micropigmentation using needles and pigments of high quality, otherwise the results obtained may not be those desired. The needles for microblading, are better the more thin they are. Use some needles extra fine for the micropigmentation will ensure more natural results. These also have to be sterile and disposable, according to the regulation of health and safety legislation.

As the needles should be extra fine and of the highest quality, with the pigments is the same. The pigments used must be approved by the Spanish Health system. Make sure to buy the finest pigments for microblading online, and always make sure that it is a duly qualified professional who performs the micropigmentation.

Study of facial features

Perfect eyebrows: Micropigmentaci’n and Microblading

A study of facial features ensures a more realistic result

In the following link, the technician Katherine Valencia, expert in microblading in Madrid, explains how the process: micropigmentation eyebrows. It is important to carry out a study of the facial features of the person to design eyebrows as realistic as possible. In centres such as MicroStetic Madrid carried out a previous study to design the perfect eyebrow for every woman.