Prevent sports injuries

The sport involves a certain risk of injury. That is why it is important to worry about how to prevent sports injuries. One of the best ways to prevent injuries during sports is by using the knowledge of biomechanics.

The biomechanics and the risk of injury in the sport


Biomechanics is the science that studies the activity of the body. For the study of the biomechanics of a body, is subjected to this to different tests related to the sport that is practiced on a regular basis. The success of the study depends directly on the proper execution, as well as the use of the necessary implements.

Thanks to biomechanics, it is possible to know if a movement is executed with the correction. Therefore, the knowledge of biomechanics is vital to the prevention of sports injuries. Some physiotherapy clinics oriented to the sport, as this physiotherapy clinic in Santander, offering studies in biomechanics, whose objective is the prevention of injury and increase performance.

The objective of biomechanics is to improve performance in sports, as well as reduce to a minimum the risk of injury resulting from poor execution. All the training techniques, add-ons and materials are used to enhance the qualities of the athlete.

Benefits of a biomechanical study

estudio de la biomecanica

The biomechanical studies analyzed the movements during the practice of a sport. In this way, you can find solutions that improve athletic performance, as well as to improve the efficiency of the movement and enhance the best qualities of each.

If you've never raised to perform a biomechanical study, here are some reasons why

  • Injury prevention
  • Detection of possible anatomical problems that may harm the health of the athlete
  • Postural correction
  • Improvement of the equipment
  • Detection of the best movements to strengthen
  • Sports performance enhancement (achieve more, with less effort)

Tips to prevent injuries

prevencion de lesiones

Part of the biomechanical study of the technique, there are a number of tips that can help prevent injuries in the sport. Half of the sports injuries that occur, are due to poor execution of the activity. The lack of physical form, not warm enough, a technique little polished, lack of sleep or a poor choice of equipment can have very negative consequences for the athlete.

  • Perform a medical review prior to or biomechanical study
  • You should do a complete warm-up before you start the practice of sports
  • Avoid overtraining. Who avoids overtraining, prevents overuse injuries
  • The intensity of the exercise and the time of execution should gradually increase, never hit
  • While it is important to warm-up, also what is a cool down, with stretches suitable
  • It is a good idea to visit the physio once in a while
  • Learn and know the sport. When you know the technique, you can avoid many injuries that occur due to poor execution
  • Know train to avoid decompensation
  • Equipped well. If the sport requires the use of equipment or material, choose quality
  • You have to be aware of the limit of each one. Practicing sport since self-knowledge can prevent injuries
  • Rest. The rest keeps a very close relationship with athletic performance and injury prevention.

Have you taken into account any of these points? What not? Have you ever had any sports injury? We look forward to your comments.