Reasons to include the ajonjol’ in your diet

Recently, we were talking about in our nutrition section about some foods that could not miss in your diet. In that case we speak of vegetables. Today we will talk about another food that must not be lacking in your diet, and it is a seed: sesame.

Why take sesame seeds?

What is sesame seed?

The sesame is the seed of the plant of the sesame. Surely you've referred to this seed as "sesame", to dry, and you've eaten a thousand times on the bread of the burger.

This seed is highly valued for being rich in oil, minerals and vitamins. The sesame brings us:

  1. Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, K and E
  2. Unsaturated fats: Lecithin, Omega 6, Omega 9
  3. Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, boron, potassium, iron, iodine, selenium, silicon, and magnesium

With this whole list of nutrients, what are you waiting for to include sesame in your diet?

Benefits of taking sesame seeds

Below we will enumerate a small list. These are the benefits of sesame seeds health:

  1. It is digestive. The seeds help us to improve the transit intesstinal and remove toxins from the body.
  2. Avoids problems of extreñimiento.
  3. Prevents anemia. Thanks to its contribution of iron and essential amino acids.
  4. It reduces the cholesterol. The presence of lecithin helps us to eliminate saturated fat from our blood, so taking sesame seeds helps to improve our cardiovascular health.
  5. It is an antioxidant.
  6. Prevents fatigue, thanks to magnesium.
  7. Helps to maintain strong bones. Due to the contribution of calcium and iron, our bones and teeth will be healthy longer.

Medicinal properties and possible contraindications of the sesame

Let's see a little more about the medicinal properties of the seeds of the plant of the sesame. How can the sesame to improve our health? What are its medicinal properties?

Medicinal properties

We have already seen the benefits of sesame, some of its medicinal properties. Among their many properties we highlight the improve the weakness, bone issues like osteoporosis. This is due to the presence of calcium in these seeds. The calcium present in seeds and nuts is even better than cow's milk.

In addition, the sesame is very beneficial for the nervous system. Take these seeds will help us tackle the issues of stress, anxiety or depression. While it is true that we should make another series of changes to resolve these problems, this is a help. Its supply of minerals especially, it helps to improve our nervous system, and therefore we are more relaxed.

In the list of benefits above we had also spoken of the cholesterol. The lecithin is a fat-type unsaturated which helps to eliminate saturated fat from our arteries and veins. Other benefits to the cardiovascular system of sesame is that it prevents diseases such as arterial thrombosis and heart attacks.

Possible contraindications

At a general level, there are contraindications for not taking sesame seeds or sesame. In cases of diarrhea is not advised to take these seeds.

Of course, the case in which it would be contraindicated the consumption of sesame seeds would be in the case of allergy to the seed. Some of the symptoms of the allergy to the sesame can be dermatitis, urticaria, rhinitis or asthma.