Retenci’n líliquids and how to avoid it

Fluid retention is a frequent problem especially among the female population. The water constitutes a large percentage of our body (more than half), and it is widely distributed throughout our body. Our body naturally regulates the water that forms it and maintains that delicate balance.

The problem of fluid retention or edema, happens when the body is not able to regulate the excess or defect of water, and therefore, begins to store liquids. Increase of volume and weight, hinzhazón, fatigue, are some of the most common symptoms of fluid retention.

Increase of weight, volume, swelling, fatigue... these are some of the symptoms

But, What are its causes and how we can tackle this problem? Today, in bienestarfitness we can tell you that it is, its causes, its symptoms, and above all, as to avoid it and solve it. Continue reading.

What are the causes of fluid retention?

The symptoms of fluid retention are manifested when the body is not able to maintain the balance between the water intake and the water is expelled with the urine. Among the most common causes of this problem are dehydration (which can be caused by not ingesting enough fluids on a daily basis), a loss of blood important, or eating food with too much salt.

A diet high in salt can cause retention of fluids. Take care of the feeding is important to keep the body in conditions of health optimal.

Retenci’n líliquids and how to avoid it

Infusions, fruits and vegetables contribute to the elimination of liquids

But like you retain fluids because of inadequate nutrition, also can be eliminated by consuming certain foods, and restore balance to the body. Some teas, vegetables and fruits have the power to facilitate the elimination of liquids.

  • Infusions with diuretic power, as the horse-tail, green tea, fennel, verbena
  • Vegetables such as celery or asparagus, artichoke or
  • Fruits that contain a lot of water, like melon or watermelon

A convenient way to consume teas, fruits, and vegetables that can help to eliminate and solve the retention of liquids, is taking drinks as Actifemme Diet draining, whose formula also helps to remove fluids, it also favors the elimination of gas, help you lose weight and improves the digestive process.

Retenci’n líliquids and how to avoid it

The formula of Actifemme Diet Draining includes some of the best ingredients, such as apple cider vinegar, artichoke, fennel, sarsaparilla, dandelion, angelica, green tea and verbena. If you didn't know, the apple cider vinegar is a powerful fat-burning. In terms of green tea, is one of the best draining natural.

A diet low in salt to remove the liquid, we can add the adequate consumption of water, two liters a day. It can be, avoiding soft drinks, carbonated drinks, sugary and sweetened. If you take tea without sugar, the better.

Symptoms of fluid retention

When the body is not able to regulate the excess or defect of water, it causes fluid retention, and therefore, its early symptoms. These symptoms should not be taken lightly, and it is always advisable to consult a doctor to rule out other complications.

Among the first symptoms of fluid retention is swelling in the extremities

One of the first symptoms that the body manifests when there is a retention of liquids, the swelling in the extremities. Usually, the ankles are usually the first noticed more swollen. This is because the body is unable to remove the excess water. In addition to the ankles, and lower legs, this swelling due to the liquid stored is noticed in the wrists and hands.

Retenci’n líliquids and how to avoid it

In addition to the extremities, fluid retention, may also manifest itself by swelling in other areas such as the abdomen, or even the face, bags under the eyes, etc...

Also note a heaviness to the general level. The body, due to the liquid, it feels more heavy, (and actually weighs more). Therefore, due to the retention of liquids occurs a considerable increase of weight. This weight gain is quick and without a specific reason.

Fluid retention causes bloating, heaviness and weight gain

As A result of all of this, the heaviness, the bloating, and the sudden increase of weight, the body feels more tired and with general malaise.

Fluid retention and cellulite

What is related to the appearance of cellulite with fluid retention? If. Despite the fact that cellulite is a cosmetic problem, weight gain due to the retention may favor its appearance.

Best products for the removal of liquids

Fluid retention is a common problem and luckily on the market there are better products to facilitate their elimination. One of these wonders of the market is the shake Actifemme® DIET DRENANTEAyuda to the elimination of liquids, promotes digestion and removes gases.

What is the best your sport or activity to promote the elimination of liquids?

Make sport is healthy and we have not discovered anything new with it. But, What are the best sports to promote the elimination of accumulated fluid? Cardiovascular exercise is best in this case, especially those sports that involve the musculature of the lower body.

Retenci’n líliquids and how to avoid it

Among the sports most committed and working groups and muscle chains of the lower body are the running, skating, biking, or group classes such as GAP (trabaoj of buttock, abdomen and leg). In terms of the intensity of sport practice, it is worth mentioning that if the intensity is medium or high, the better.

The best sports are those of medium and high intensity, that involve the lower body

Faced with the impossibility of making one of these sports, you should avoid sedentary life as far as possible. Go for a walk, for example, is an excellent option for those that can't perform more intense sports.

To finish, we would like to know if you've ever suffered from fluid retention, what products you've taken, if you have changed the diet to a less salty, and above all, as he was. We like to tell with your experiences and. We'll see you in the comments.


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