Sports massage, benefits, and reasons to be one

Yesterday during a regular visit to my massage center of confidence, I came up with the idea of writing about the benefits of sports massage, and to give you some reasons to go for a massage once in a when to make one of these massages, both for the improvement of lesions as well as for maintenance.

What is a sports massage?

The sports massage is a type of massage that serves to recover and prevent injuries. Many athletes opt for these massages to recover, prevent and prepare the muscle tissues, both for the effort as for the competition.

It is a type of massage very much tied to the practice of physical therapy. The sports massages are something that is increasingly demanded by athletes of any discipline.

Objectives of the sports massage

What are you looking for in a massage-type sports? These are the types according to the objectives:

  1. Prepare the tissues for a sport
  2. Recover from injuries
  3. Prevent injuries

Types of sports massage

According to the objective they seek, whether it be prevention of injury, recovery of the same, maintenance, or preparation of muscle tissue for the sport, this type of massage can be classify in the following way:

  1. Sports massage pre-competition
  2. Sports massage for recovery
  3. Sports massage maintenance or "download"

Let's see what is in each one of these types of massage...

Massage pre-competition

The massage of preparation or pre-competition are those made a few hours before you participate in a competition. This type of massage is more in elite sport. Usually accompanied by massage post-competition, and the goal in this case is to recover the muscle, drain and reduce the hipertono.

Massage recovery

The sports massage of preparation is that which takes place in the consultation of a physical therapist, and whose objective is the improvement and rehabilitation of an injury.

Massage maintenance

Finally there are the sports massage maintenance. Personally, they are the best. The frequency with which we visit our physio or massage trust must be periodic. With this type of massage "unload" our musculature, and is also the type of sports massage that prevents injury and keeps our muscles in an optimal state for the practice of sport.

The massage of maintenance also helps us to reduce our muscle fatigue. For a good massage of this type, we can recommend you this center of masseuses and masseurs in Barcelona to receive a sports massage from the hands of great professionals of the sector.

Reasons to give a sports massage

We'll leave you a list of reasons why it is good to perform a sports massage once in a when. Although it does not have any injuries, remember that a massage will help us to prevent them, to keep our muscles in good condition, prepared for the activity, and to rejalarnos.

  1. Relax the muscles
  2. Stretching of muscles and fibers
  3. Prevents possible injuries
  4. Improves and rehabilitates injuries
  5. It stimulates the circulation, favoring the oxygenation of the muscles
  6. Reduces muscle pain caused by tension
  7. Induces relaxation and reduces stress
  8. Improves the recovery time of muscle fatigue

Other types of massage

In addition to sports massage, there is a large catalog of massage that we can give away. While some have nothing to do with the improvement of sports performance, what is true is that our body, we'll thank you. There are relaxing massages, aromatic, balinese, reflexology, oriental, lymphatic drainage...

There are many... now it's just a matter of test and decide which is the favorite 🙂