The best channels of Zumba on YouTube

YouTube is one of the places of reference in the internet regarding to see, to learn and to find choreographies of Zumba. Numerous trainers around the world to share their dances in their Youtube channels. To ease the task of search of choreographies, we have made this selection of some of the best channels of Zumba on YouTube.

Best channels of Zumba on YouTube to see videos of choreographies of Zumba

We have selected five channels of Zumba on YouTube for you. To be able to select the best channels we have taken into account the following things: the videos of the channel have good quality, have good sound, they are choreographies good (and are complete, not fragments), and the channel has a good number of videos.

In addition to these channels, YouTube Zumba, we also have a post about the best accounts on Instagram of Zumba.

Here are the five best channels that we have selected:

1 official Channel of zumba on YouTube

We could not start this list of the best YouTube channels of Zumba without citing the official channel of the brand.

In the official channel of Zumba you will find videos and snippets of the choreography official Zumba instructors, in addition to some of the choreography complete that you can learn at home. In this channel you can find choreographies full of official songs such as Shut up And Dance, firehouse or Pal Floor.

Link to the channel: YouTube Zumba Official

2 Zumba RedStudio

In this channel you will find videos of choreographies full of Zumba. The dancers of the channel shows you the choreography on a white background and neutral, but also from beaches and other funds of sites beautiful. The production of these videos is very good, and the sound quality of the songs in the video also.

Link to the channel: Youtube Zumba RedStudio

3 Zumba France

If you are looking for a channel choreographies of Zumba, with beautiful videos, good sound, and good choreography, the channel ZumbaFrance you will love it. In this channel you will find success in commercial music from great artists such as Ricky Martin, Yandel, Daddy Yankee or Enrique Iglesias.

Link to the channel: ZumbaFrance

4 Channel Saskia's Dansschool

In this channel we do not find the word "Zumba", but is one of the best channels to search for songs and choreographies of Zumba, because of the quality and variety of their choreography. This channel is known as channel "videos of girls in the plaid shirts", due to which the protagonists dance in numerous songs with a shirt of pictures tied to the waist.

In addition to the successes latino business, in this channel you will also find topics more dance to dance. Without a doubt one of the best channels of Zumba from YouTube.

Link to the channel: Saskia's Dansschool

5 Gusyaka Club

Another of the best channels of Zumba YouTube is the channel of Gusyaka Club. In this channel you will find videos, well produced, with good picture and good sound, spearheaded by two guys. In addition to finding success in the music business, also you will find other items typical of Zumba, from some of the volumes Megamiz and ZIN (exclusive music for Zumba instructors).

Link to the channel: Gusyaka Club


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