The diet of the african mango

One of the latest trends for losing weight is the diet of the african mango. Thanks to this diet, it is possible to lose more than 10 kg in just 2 months. Do you want to know more about african mango and how to use it to lose weight? Keep reading to learn more about this diet, its benefits, its problems, and especially how to take for weight loss effective and quick.

How is the diet of the african mango

dieta del mango

The african mango is a type of tree that grows in some regions of the african continent. This tree, evergreen, needs a large amount of water. Its fruit is the mango. The diet of the african mango is based on the own seeds of the fruit. It is important to clarify that this diet is not a diet as such, if not that can be seen more as a supplement, and must be accompanied by a healthy diet and, if possible, hypocaloric. You can visit to know more about the diet.

But really the reason that the diet of the african mango is so effective is because of its seeds. It is the extract of these seeds, in the form of pills, which works. The trick is in the satiating effect of the pills of african mango and that thanks to them, we have less hunger, which helps you lose weight effectively and without rebound. The satiating effect of african mango helps to control the anxiety for food.

The nutritional values of the seeds of african mango

The seed of the mango has properties and values interesting. Among its values nutricinales highlight its high content in fribra. In addition, this seed provides minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium. Part of the great contribution of fiber and minerals, the african mango provides vitamins of the B group, vitamin c and vitamin A (beta-carotene).

But in spite of its interesting values, the mango africao also has its contraindications. If you want to know more about any contraindications you have, click on this link.

Does it really work?

The diet of the african mango

The University of Yaounde, Cameroon, conducted a study with these seeds. In this study, involving 100 overweight people who were divided into two groups.

The first group was given a placebo, while the second received pills african mango extract. They should take the pills two times a day for two months.

The results of the experiment were spectacular. The people who had taken african mango had lost an average of more than 10 kilos.

How to take african mango

The seed extract of african mango is consumed in the form of pills. These working as other products of supplementation, creating a satiating effect that keeps the meals between meals, the food cravings and overdo it with the amounts at the time of the intake.

The african mango taken two times a day for about 10 weeks, a period after which take a break.

The diet of the african mango


Despite the fact that everything seems wonderful, as with other diets products and supplements to lose weight, with african mango need to have some precautions. The first of these is to buy the product in a site is legit. It is important to make sure that the seller knows and can verify the quality of the product.

The pills to lose weight of african mango can be obtained in the herbalists, stores of natural products and pharmacies. Always make sure that the site is trustworthy and that it is not a forgery, because the sale of counterfeit products is the main problem of this product.