If you visit Castellsagué, you will surely know one of these 7 faces:

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And surely, you also know many others, because among all the assistants we make a team of more than 15 people… A very well-attended group because we have all been working together for many years.

A fact that is not accidental, nor what we want to tell you today:

Having a dentist of reference is, after all, also the result of a solid and stable team.

What do we want you to feel when we say “reference dentist”?

Well, you can give an affirmative answer to most of these questions:

  • If you have a dental emergency: do you know which dentist to go to?
  • If your son or daughter has to run to the dentist, will he find a familiar face?
  • Do you have the dentist’s emergency telephone number stored in your diary?
  • Do you trust 100% in their criteria and their diagnosis?

Some questions that seem easy but sometimes cost. And that, obviously, wherever “dentist” comes out, you could ask for the same with those professionals to whom we entrust our most common health… pediatricians, psychologists, physiotherapists.

What do we want you NOT to feel when we say “reference dentist”?

If, contrary to this scenario that we mentioned before, you have found yourself in any of these situations:

  • You are not convinced with the opinion given to you by the dentist
  • You have changed dentist more than 2 times in the last 2 years
  • You don’t know what to do in the event of an emergency
  • Every time you go to the dentist you find a new face

Then the diagnosis is different and it is called “lack of trust with your dentist”.

problem to put it in some way, which can be easily solved by looking again for a professional who makes you feel 100% in the first list and not in the second.

What is the relationship we work for at Centre Dental Castellsagué?

For us, it is essential to understand that each patient has a mouth and that each mouth evolves according to the history of each patient.

To give you an example, in some patients, detecting “black spots” that warn us of caries can make us activate the warning signal because we will know that that patient will perform caries in the coming months.

But, what for this patient is a warning sign, in another patient it can be a routine control because – and continuing with the hypothetical example – due to the knowledge we have of its history, we know that in each check-up it has the same number of “black dots” and they do not evolve into caries.

It’s a matter of time and trust.

That is why it is very important to have a reference dentist

That was the objective of this article, to talk both about what we want you to feel with our center, and at the same time, share our work philosophy.

So, stay with this summary. Having a dentist of reference is…

  • Have confidence in the patient and that the patient has it with us
  • Having a familiar face, especially for the little ones, because in cases of scare, we just have to add a “stranger” to the urgency we are experiencing.
  • That we always have a relationship of sincerity and flee from the feeling of mistrust that other dentists can generate
  • And that, finally, we always have contact telephone numbers at hand to resolve the doubt or urgency as quickly as possible.

Would you add any more points to our list?

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