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How to help an alcoholic? This is a question that many a wife, husband, son, daughter, parent, friend have probably asked themselves more than once … Alcoholism is a disease that makes an addicted person lose control over their life. People who live with him on a daily basis usually do not know how to help an alcoholic. It is not always possible to send him for treatment immediately. Sometimes it takes a long way to get into alcohol therapy. But there are other things that can be done that the addict also needs to understand that he or she is sick.

The end of the nursery

Help from loved ones in the form of persuading an alcoholic to seek treatment is the most important step. It is also important to change the attitude of family members towards the alcoholic. Teaching him to bear the consequences of what he did under the influence of alcohol, forcing him, and at the same time giving him a chance to correct his own mistakes, is also a form of helping the alcoholic. However, inappropriate behaviors are often duplicated by an addict, and acting on their own turns out to be not an effective method of getting out of the addiction. It is difficult to get rid of the habit of cleaning up after an alcoholic, correcting mistakes made for him, protecting him from the environment, constantly controlling what and how he does, how much he drinks, where he goes, etc. It is difficult to be passive and consistent, but this is the only way an alcoholic can be made aware that it is his choice and that all associated effects are the result of his actions. The therapy center is the solution for addicts. Thanks to facilities such as ours, it is possible to provide comprehensive help to the alcoholic and show him the best ways to stop drinking. We encourage you to contact us – our support is help not only for the patient himself, but also for his immediate surroundings.

Visiting a specialist

If you want to help an alcoholic, you may choose to see an addiction doctor briefly to see if the drinker is actually having a problem. Professional assessment of the situation, information on the risk of alcohol consumption, harmful to health and life, and clear advice provided may reduce drinking and, in some cases, even quit.

Intervention method

Another type of help for an alcoholic can be the so-called method of intervention. It is a meeting that takes place in the group of people closest to the drinker, eg family members, colleagues, friends, neighbors, etc. During the intervention, specific events and facts related to the addict’s behavior are presented, related to his addiction. It is done in such a way that the alcoholic is able to accept it. An atmosphere of caring, kindness, and love is important.

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The intervention should end with making specific arrangements for further action and defining the date and place of commencing alcohol therapy. The alcoholic needs to be sober at the meeting, and each person attending should have a role in the planned treatment process. The intervention is not always successful and then another one can be tried in different circumstances. The obstacle, in this case, may be the lack of knowledge and experience in solving alcohol problems. These are always difficult matters that require an individual approach in addiction therapy. For this reason, we encourage you not only to choose the described method of intervention but also to contact our center. We will select the appropriate treatment method that will help the alcoholic recover from addiction.

Alcohol therapy

The alcoholic himself is most often doomed to failure. In practice, it is associated with the progression of the disease, bearing worse and worse mental, physical, social, and other consequences, and even leading to death. That is why, of course, treatment is a very important part of the process of helping the alcoholic recover. Alcohol therapy allows you to deal with addiction under the supervision of specialists. Convincing an alcoholic that this is the best path for him is not easy. Sometimes, however, certain events take place that shocks him enough that he decides to seek treatment himself. Death, departure of a loved one, a car accident, or another event can be mobilizing.

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